IRCTC Train PNR Status – Checking it Easy on the IRCTC Website
19.07.2013 12:53

Once you reserve your train ticket, you get a PNR number, which is very important. It is issued based on the details that you provide while making the booking like the number and names of passengers, address, name of railway stations from where you board the train and get down, date of travel, class in which you travel, berth choice, mobile number, etc. When you book tickets, you have the option to choose a berth of your choice like the upper berth, middle berth or lower berth, and they will be allotted to you if they are available.

There is provision to book tickets as early as 60 days prior to the departure of the train, till the final charts are prepared. But often all the seats are sold out within a few days. In case you do not get a confirmed ticket, you are allowed to book tickets in RAC or Waiting List. When enough cancellations are made, you stand a chance to get a confirmed ticket. So it is necessary that you check the IRCTC train PNR status to make sure whether your ticket has got upgraded to the confirmed status or not.

Checking of IRCTC train PNR status is possible on the website of IRCTC. On logging on to the homepage of IRCTC you will find the link to check the PNR status. Just click on it and type in your 10-digit PNR number, and all details of your ticket, including the status of your ticket will be displayed.


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