Check IRCTC PNR Status Well before the Journey
24.06.2013 12:42


The online passenger reservation system, IRCTC of Indian Railways is the best online reach for the millions of commuters. It not only simplifies the reservation of tickets, but also provides the users with a lot of facilities like booking of flights and making all types of queries. You can check IRCTC PNR status, seat availability in trains, train schedules, and so on.
Passengers with ‘RAC’ or ‘WL’ tickets have to confirm the seats before journeying in the train. The ticket status improves over a period depending on the number of ticket cancellations. A person with ‘RAC’ ticket can travel in a confirmed seat and a berth may or may not be available during the journey. A passenger with ‘WL’ ticket can travel only in the unreserved coach.
To check the PNR status, passengers can access the IRCTC website and enter the 10-digit PNR number and click on the ‘Get status’ link. Within minutes, the database displays the booking status as well as the current status of the ticket. Passengers can choose alternatives in case the ticket status does not improve. One alternative is they can purchase Tatkal tickets 24 hours prior to the journey on the desired train and travel safe in a confirmed seat.
The passengers who do not have an internet access can utilize the SMS services. The users can send queries on 54959/57886/5676747/139 and obtain instant information on the PNR status. The users of iPad, iPhone and Android can also check IRCTC PNR status via the IRCTC Mobile Application.
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